SportsVille Policies

SportsVille is a Family Park with a mission to bring fun and exercise into your life. Our Policies and Procedure are constantly reviewed to ensure that you enjoy your stay at SportsVille.

Dress Code

Guests must wear Shirts and Shoes.
Guests may not display obscene, profane, illegal or unacceptable words, pictures, symbols, phrases, etc.
All clothing must be appropriate, but Management reserves the right to determine appropriate attire.


SportsVille accepts all major credit and debit cards with matching ID. Additionally, each credit card transaction must be a minimum of $10.
We do not accept personal checks. For booked groups, we do accept company checks.

Weather & Refunds

Batting Cages must shut down during rain. They cannot re-open until the concrete on the track/in the cages is completely dry.
All outdoor activities are shut if lightning is spotted in the area. We re-open activities as it is safe to do so.
We do not give refunds. In case of severe weather (non-stop rain, lightning, etc.), we give our miniature golf customers rain checks to be used within one month.

Food and Beverages

SporstVille Family Park has a wide selection of food to choose from; such as pizza, nachos, hot dogs, ice cream, soft drinks, popcorn and much more.


Lost & Found

All items found or turned into SportsVille are kept at the front service counter in the building for the remainder of the day they are found or turned in. If you have lost an item during your visit to SportsVille, go to the main service counter to inquire if it has been found or turned in. If it has not yet been found or turned in, fill-out an "Item Lost" Form and when/if it is returned we will notify you immediately.
At the end of each day, any items not claimed will be secured in SportsVille main office. If you realize later that you have lost an item, possibly during a visit to SportsVille, call (440) 327-3040 and report your loss. We will keep your report active for 30 days in the event the item is found later. For any item that is being claimed, please understand for the protection of the owner, we will require a positive identification of the person and an accurate description of the lost item.


SportsVille parking is always FREE. A parking area for guests with disabilities is located near the Main Entrance. Please note that while SportsVille Parking Lot is regularly patrolled by staff and security personnel, SportsVille cannot be responsible for any items lost, stolen or damage done to vehicles while at the Park.
We strongly recommend that all vehicles be locked and valuables not be left in view in the passenger portion of your vehicle.