Fundraising Events

What could be an easier, or more fun, way to raise money for your school or community organization, than a fundraising event at SportsVille!

YOU pick the date, YOU pick the price, YOU provide the people.

WE provide the activity package, WE provide the space and donate 25% of attributable sales to your school or organization.


Example ($20 Package)

For a ticket price of $20.00 SporstVille will donate $5.00 to your organization. The price will include:
  • Unlimited Miniature Golf
  • $10 in game room value
  • 1 Bag of Chips
  • 1 fountain drink or 1 slushie or 1 ice cream cone
We can customize your event package to fit your fundraising budget and goals. Please contact a member of our management team at SportsVille for details and to reserve your fundraising event today.

Check with us for availability, as there may be restrictions during our peak season, weekends, and holidays.


Call: 440 327 3040