Batting Cages

Experience the new revolution in baseball technology at SportsVille and Enjoy batting cages like never before!!

Our Select-A-Pitch Technology Allows You to Choose up to Three Different Speeds in Each Baseball Cage and Adjust the Pitch Height While You Bat!!
Whether you are a little leaguer, collegiate player, or swing for fun our baseball and softball batting cages are waiting for you.
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Choose up to three different speeds in the same baseball cage
Adjust the pitch-height incrementally during play to suit your needs
Simulate a game play environment where not every ball is a strike or ball


One Token = 16 Pitches

  • 3 Tokens = $5
  • 7 Tokens = $10
  • 16 Tokens = $20
  • 30 minute cage rental = $20
  • 60 minute cage rental = $35
  • All rentals must be made at least 1 day in advance